Decollage Works (2014-2018)

Decollage is the process of un-sticking or un-glueing, the opposite of collage. These works take multiple layers of billboard and fly posters, found on the streets of London where I was living at the time, that were then ripped apart and re-layered, creating the new compositions. 
The process takes it’s lead from the Affichiste artists in Europe in the 1950’s & 60’s. Using images and advertisements from their surroundings they commented on consumer culture and the new bobmbardments of images and giant promotional messaging within society. 
My series of decollage works alludes to this, the repetetive nature and cycles of consumer culture, one new release taking the place of the previous. Most of the posters used in these works were advertising new albums, concerts and tours within the music industry. The compositions were made to convey movement and energy, a revolving cycle of colour and sound that seemed to emanate from the walls of the city where I lived, while commenting on the repetitve nature of the ‘next big release’.