Welcome to my site.
My name is Peter, I’m an artist and songwriter. I was born in Leytonstone, London in 1979.  
In 2019 my wife and I left London and headed for her father’s ranch in Brazil, where we now live with our daughter, three dogs and a host of other animals. The ranch sits on the border of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states and is where I now make my works and record music.
Originally using found objects and the detritas the city had to offer, on moving to Brazil my art practice has centered more around painting, particularly larger scale and also digital works. Musically too, living on a ranch has influenced my writing and also what I’m listening to and reading. A new found fascination with the story of the American West and the early pioneers has been synonymous with my life on the ranch, from horse-riding to cattle hearding and living a remote life that is more connected to the land. 
Back in 2015 I was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award at Chelsea College of Art, graduating from the MA Fine Art course in 2016. A self-published book Thinking of You, Post cards:1948-2015 was included in the Tate Library & Archive collection in 2017.  More recently I was in residence and had work included in a group show at Palazzo Monti in Brescia, Italy and a series of Scratchcard paintings have been included in shows at Saatchi Gallery and Delphian Gallery, London.

Artist Statement
My practice begins with the collecting of materials; surfaces to paint on, overheard snippets of conversation or discarded ephemera are used to re-purpose and re-frame the everyday into new abstract forms. Visually accessible, meaning is left ambiguous throughout, allowing the viewer space for new interpretations of what was once familiar.

To enquire about songs, available works, pricing and custom commissions please email:

email: info@peterevans.uk

Ig: @peterevans_____

Artist CV

Gallery Representation
M.A.H. Gallery (London)
Among The Pines (London)
Partnership Editions (London)

Digital Platforms Exchange.Art

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London (2015/16)

Solo Exhibitions
Scratchcard Paintings, Oliver Spencer - London, July 2019
N O B L A N K S P A C E, Silverthorne Lofts - London, December 2016
Collections to Inform Artwork, Chelsea College of Art Library - London, July 2016
Be The first of Your Friends To Like This, Punctum Gallery, Chelsea College of Art - London, April 2016

Group Exhibitions
Phylactery, Gallery 46 - London, October 2021
An Act of Making, Yorkton Workshops - London, September 2021
50 Vyner, M.A.H Gallery - London, September 2021
Transatlantico, Mana Contemporary - New York, October 2020
Pazzo Palazzo, Palazzo Monti - Brescia, Italy, May 2019
Recreational Grounds - London, May 2019
Delphian Gallery Print Show, The Printspace - London, March 2019
The Spring Auction, The Auction Collective - London, March 2019
[s] Rhythms in Art Lacuna, Art Lacuna - London, January 2019
Abstract:Reality, Saatchi Gallery - London, December 2018
Not Available in Good Book Shop, Sluice Art Fair - London, September 2017
Raise All Spirits 2p, Finsbury Park Conservative Club - London, April 2017
MA Fine Art Summer Show, Chelsea College of Art - London, September 2016
Susak Expo - Susak, Croatia, May 2016
MA Fine Art Interim Show, Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Art - London, May 2016
Conversation In Progress, Mills Centre Gallery - London, Jan/Feb 2015
Fly By The Seat Of Your Pantsuit, Triangle/Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Art - London, 5th Oct 2015
Imaginary Portraits, Collage Expo, En Face - Paris, Oct 2015
CHEMCRAFT - For Love of Chemistry: Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites, Espacio Gallery - London, July 2015
Flux Art Fair, Grays Art Gallery, The Rag Factory - London, Feb 2015
Blurred, A-Side B-Side Gallery - London, Sept 2014
Rotterdam International Art Fair - Sept 2014

Palazzo Monti - Italy, March 2019

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award, Chelsea College of Art, 2015/16

Tate Library and Archive, Millbank, London, UK
Fondazione Berardelli, Brescia, Italy
Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Collection
Incipio Group - Little Feast, The Prince, London, UK
The Exchange Book Store, Brunswick East, London, UK
Chelsea College of Art Library & Special Collections, London, UK
LEWIS, San Diego, US
Winchester School of Art library, Winchester, UK
Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Library, Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri, US
Warner Music UK, London, UK

Features / Publications
Oliver Spencer - Journal, July, 2019
Abstract Mag / Artist Run - Short Film, December, 2018
DATEAGLE ART - Interview, July, 2018
Novelty Magazine - Issue #7, March, 2017
Punctum Journal - Issue #3, 2017
Punctum Journal – Issue #2, 2016
Punctum Journal – Issue #1, 2015
Kolaj Magazine – Issue #14, 2015
Saatchi Gallery, Digital Display Screen, 2nd Floor Saatchi Gallery, London, UK – August, 2015
Zero Magazine - January, 2015
Kolaj Magazine Artist Trading Cards & feature – November, 2014
Convergence Zine - 'Line' October, 2014
The Patchwork Paper - October, 2014
Convergence Zine - 'Surge' August, 2014
SYN – September, 2014
Le Monde Diplomatique – October, 2014
The Patchwork Paper - June, 2014
Art Asylum - June, 2014

Other Experience
Volunteer / Assistant – Cubitt Gallery Community Education Programme (July 2017 - present)
Volunteer – The Stanley Kubrick Archive, London College of Communication (Nov 2016-Mar 2017)
Artist Assistant, Hormazd Narielwalla (July 2014 – February 2015)