Thursday 15/04/21

It´s funny how things come to being sometimes. In 2018 I was interviewed by DATEAGLE Art about my work and influences and I remember them asking something about the materials I use and how it might relate to my surroundings. Having only ever worked in London I remember saying it would be interesting to see what my work would be like if I lived in a field. Now that statement will be turning into a reality. We are soon to be living in an old refurbished farm house, on my wife´s father´s farm in rural Minas Gerais, Brazil. Already, and over the course of these last 14 months of being in Brazil I can see my work has changed, while I think also not too much so that it feels un-attached to what I was making before in London. When you use found objects in art making it is natural that your surroundings or the place where you find the objects will bleed into the finished artwork - this is part of the process, depending on the type of work one is making - I don´t think the location of Duchamps urinal has the same importance as say Mimo Rotella´s decollages for example. But my work has been informed by my surroundings here, initially just through making large scale, bold, bright abstract paintings that were influenced by the colours people here paint their houses and buildings. These works now seem almost like they were a bridge or something that enabled me to get to what I´m doing now. I work in series, so these current collage/paintings do feel like they sit on their own but also they feel like an extension of the abstract colourful paintings and previous work from other series that used similar materials. My reasons for using these materials has altered and developed within the work I´m making and, importantly for me, in the why I´m making it. This brings me back to the living in a field part, which I´ll expand on tomorrow as now it´s late and I have to turn off this screen.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday 06/04/21

This is the first entry in what will be my online journal - a blog of sorts, giving a bit more insight into work I may be making and generally what I´m doing and what I´ve been up to. It may not be regular, it might not even be that interesting but it may provide a bit more context into the things I feel I need to make. 
It´s now 14:53 on a Tuesday afternoon and I´m currently in a town called Tres Rios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It´s about 120km from the Rio everyone knows. My wife and I are refurbishing an old farmhouse about 20km from here, where will be based my new studio and our new home, for the time being. It´s a million miles away from London, the city where I was born and the place I still feel in my bones. We´ve been here since December 2019, a year and four months, the longest I´ve ever been away from the UK. One strong bout of homesickness hit me around Christmas time and lasted about a month but the strength of nature has a way of dissolving these feelings if they start to resurface. The cloudless blue April skies, the Serra mountain ranges and the view of the Two Brothers from Arpoador are just three things that quickly come to mind. 
Now time for coffee. 
Until next time..


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