Thinking of You, Post Cards: 1948 - 2015 (2015)

A book of quotes about the weather lifted from passed down written postcards, dating from 1948 - 2015.

The postcards these quotes were taken from were collected by my aunty and passed down to me when she found out I had started making collages. Her collection was in the hundreds and were all postcards from family and friends she had kept since 1948 to the present day. In 2015 I got sick and had to stay at home on the sofa for a week to rest. During that time I read each one and was struck by both the nature of them and how the majority of them mentioned the weather. Compared to how we share holiday photos today through social media they felt uncanny and almost alien, especially in their description of the weather. This collection of quotes is a celebration of that uncanny typical Britishness, of thinking of the relatives who aren’t with us but remembering them through our obsession with the weather.   

125 pages
21 x 14.8cm
Satin white paper, perfect adhesive bound
Hand numbered edition of 50. Self published

Included in the Tate library and archive, Millbank, London