Room Corner Paintings (2018-2022)

This series of paintings made between 2018-2022 began life as a series of small sketches, made in my sketchbook while observing the corners of various different rooms. One day whilst I waited at a friend’s flat I noticed the corner of her apartment ceiling. It consisted of a multitude of angles and different colour shades of the same regular household white paint. I was struck by how many shades of white I could see in that one corner, produced by facing supports and door alcoves. Initially meant to be made as a series of works in various shades of white to re-imagine what I’d seen, the results weren’t as I had wished for. I began adding colour to the works, varying shades of one tone but also using three different colours in the same composition. I precursor to my Freedom Abstract paintings, this series of works gave me a platform to grow into painting. While on residence at Palazzo Monti I was commissioned to make a two meter squared Room Corner painting of one corner of the Palazzo. This work was exhibited there in a group show titled Pazzo Palazzo in 2019.