Lay of the Land (2020-2022)

A series of works made since living in a rural area of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The works in this series all use found materials to create the surfaces - old jute coffee sacks, wooden fruit crates and string vegetable sacks have all been manipulated and painted over to produce minimal, abstract pieces. This series is a reflection of the contrast between where I currently live (on a ranch in a rural area of Brazil) to the very structured, minimal aesthetic of the big city (London) and the art world that inhabits it. On a farm or ranch you see everything, you are instantly drawn closer to death and therefore life. In the city we are protected, everything is made to look good, white-washed over. They are different worlds but they also serve each other in an almost unspoken deal. These works use left over materials, broken parts from the production and transportation of food and re-purposes them to reflect the sparse, minimal aesthetic of modern art and the big city. Two worlds that are so seperated but somehow intrinsically tied together.